From the breathtaking vistas of Roman landscapes, a script penned with memorable quotes, a soundtrack that evokes exquisite emotions; to ... dare we say it ? ... MAXIMUS !! Cinetropic couldn't get enough of this movie on the BIG screen.



This delightful divinity is a MUST see. A sweet tale of erotic awakening set in the past to hint at present day possibilities. Juliette Binoche is at her most endearing and Johnny Depp will steal your heart away. And what can we say .. we LOVE Chocolat.



For those who indulge and those who would like to live vicariously through the rest of the crowd. Grace is bubbling over with the best of English humor. Brenda Blethyn is as gracious among Grace's orchids as she is sassy in dealing herbal remedies. The lighthouse effect is hysterical (particularly if you've come prepared).



What's your story? We've all had that once in a lifetime encounter with the Gods of Rock. Take the trip and see the light show ... Billy Crudup and Kate Hudson ROCK! So does the soundtrack ....



Its hard to trick today's effects savvy audience into the suspension of core beliefs. Cate Blanchett puts heart and soul into Annie Wilson and takes you to the very core of the intense sensations of her Gift. Cate's Oscar worthy role is supported by equally passionate performances by Giovanni Ribisi, Keanu Reeves, Greg Kinnear and Hilary Swank. With an unexpected turn in nearly every scene .. this film is filled with vivid moments of sheer terror.



Director, Julian Schnabel, turned to the canvas of film to paint a compelling portrait of life behind the dark curtain of Castro's Cuba. With a watchful eye, he transformed a poet's words into cinema so real you can literally experience the painful chill of Reinaldo Arenas' repression and persecution. Javier Bardem's performance as Reinaldo Arenas is superb and Olivier Martinez as Lázaro must not be overlooked.



A cinematic journey back to turn of the century Wales. The story is a complex plot of religion and old world tradition tearing at the innocence of true love. Ioan Gruffudd is the perfect Welch Romeo (if you were intrigued by his Horatio Hornblower .. you'll love him as Solomon).



For the young and young at heart. Growing up in rural New England can be comfortable and perhaps ... alias ... predictable, until Kelley crashes into Samatha's world.

So was I once myself a swinger of birches.
And so I dream of going back to be.



An intricately scripted story of one man's journey through the dark corridors of satanic literature. Johnny Depp is brilliant (needless to say since his name appears more than once on this list) ...



If you passed this one up thinking it is about golf ... you were wrong. Bagger Vance is a well spun tale of the power that awaits us beyond our five senses. A glimpse into a magical realm where dreams do come true, in spite of our most terrifying doubts.