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Travel Tours Inspired by the Arts & Served a la Carte

Cinetropic’s travelers have a wide variety of interests and our tours are purposefully non-structured to offer access and allow time for you to pursue the best experiences from these destinations within the safety of group travel. We do all of the hard stuff, like research what the destination has to offer, pick the best guides and make travel arrangements with comfort and affordability in mind. We try to make sure you have the best seats in the house. We travel upper 3 Star but we always try to throw in the opportunity to splurge a day or two on one of those 5 Star retreats.

Most of our travelers are seasoned veterans who are not as comfortable traveling alone in todays uncertain political climate. Our age group ranges from 16 to 60, though regrettably we are not currently oriented to be able to assist handicapped travelers. We are mostly American but some arrive from far corners of the earth. At this time, our tours are only offered to an English speaking audience.

Our Welcome Parties introduce you to people who share your common interests. People get to know each other and make plans to attend their selection of the weeks events in small groups of 4-6-8. At the end of the week, you'll have new friends in far away places. Quite by serendipitous origins, our travelers also turn out to be good ambassadors and represent the good people of the countries they call home. They are changing the world, one hand outstretched in friendship at a time.

If this sounds like the tour for you, we have room for plenty more.