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Catherine Kidwell's
Dear Stanger is a chroncile of that fragile relationship conceived in the tumult of the Forties, but it is much more.

It is the story of a new kind of
contemporary heroine ... a woman newly arrived at independence after years in the role society assigned her ... daring to choose a career, a life, and a love for herself.

Out-of-Print Paperback
Used - Good Condition
Rare and Highly Recommended

$5.99 includes USA Shipping



Technology and communication are quickly uniting the commerce and cultures of earth. United States citizens have turned, in recent years, to seek their heritage from the distant lands of their ancestors. In the wake of many month's of hype, the Memorial Weekend premiere of Pearl Harbor has arrived to pause and turn our heads homeward.

Hollywood has produced other profound portraits of war which have succeeded to serve our country's true heroes with honor, but none that have taken our emotions to the very heart and soul of America, to the reality of an attack on United States soil. Perhaps it is with the grace and mercy of God, that six decades have passed since our country's borders have been penetrated, but with the dawning of each new decade and the birth of each new generation, the freedom's we enjoy fall farther into the shadow of taken for granted.

Pearl Harbor brings back to vivid life those portraits of our folks and grandfolks and great grandfolks framed and sometimes forgotten on our shelves. The story of its people and the land they loved is our story, our very own heritage. It will remind those of us who are, how proud we are to be an American. As Americans we stretch out our hands to the wonders and needs of the world. Our strength lies in our diversity, but we stand together: a proud nation of UNITED States.

CINETROPIC - June 2001