Charge Authorization Agreement
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I authorize Petrabax to charge the amount of USD $ 150 deposit per person
OR full package price to my credit card representing my non-refundable booking # ______ or travel services as follows:

Cinetropic Scotland a la carte Tour

Air/Hotel Tour leaving August 10th to arrive August 11th in Edinburgh. Five nights 4 Star Hotel (inclusive of taxes but Breakfast is NOT included) and informal Welcome Party.

3 Day Tour of the Northern Scotland is NOT included in this price - Please book through Cinetropic (

I plan to book the addon tour, please book my airfare departure date as August 19th.


Number of people

names of additional travelers, if any (needed for air reservations).

Preferred Departure Airport
Visa MasterCard Amex Discover
credit card number
expiration date (mm/yy)
name on card
city state
postal code country (US or Canada only)
work phone home phone
E-mail address

I understand that with a $150 non-refundable deposit I will receive a confirmation of package quote, receipt for my payment and an itinerary of the flight being held in my name. Full payment will be due on or before May 15, 2004. Full payment includes flight, hotel, and walking tour confirmation. A full tour package will be sent 2 weeks prior to departure. I have read this entire agreement and understand that I will be held fully responsible for its terms and charges.

Cardholder Signature _______________________________

Date _________________

Important disclosure: All rates pertaining to independent hotels and all services/accommodations requested of The Operator include handling fees consisting of communications expenses incurred to obtain reservations. Rates may differ due to local currency rate fluctuation. The Operator will not be held responsible for any differences between rates paid prior to departure and locally posted rates and absolutely no refunds will be made for such possible differences. Cancellations and Refunds of Airfares: The Airlines may impose a cancellation penalty on any ticket canceled after ticketing deadline, usually 14 days and some tickets are nonrefundable. The Operator will pass any ticketing penalties, plus an administration fee of $25 per ticket, on to the passenger. See full Terms and Conditions

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