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We are seeking proven male descendants of the Hillhouse Family of Scotland and Northern Ireland and James Hilhouse of Bristol with the last name of Hillhouse/Hilhouse with
DNA Haplo Group I1-M253
which links to descendants of William Hillhouse of Province South Carolina (died 1778) and Samuel Hillhouse of North Carolina (died 1782). You are OUR cousins !

Resent DNA testing between proven male descendants of Rev. James Hillhouse and William & Samuel Hillhouse has proven these are two distinctive Hillhouse lines and not related as direct male descendants (it is possible they may be connected through female descendants).

For more information - Hillhouse/Hillis DNA Project


AYRSHIRE - Scotland
1388 -

LONDONDERRY - Northern Ireland
1635 - 1760

Adam Hillhouse

Abraham & Janet Hillhouse sons Abraham, John & James

John & Rachel Hillhouse sons Abraham, James, William, John, Samuel & Charles

Researching Derry and Londonderry Ancestors

This CDROM contains "The Hillhouse family of Irvine, Scotland and Dunboe/Aghanloo c. 1600-1750" It features 13 pages of history gleaned from extensively researched documents that paint a vivid portrait our family's life in the Ulster Plantations of the 17th Century. Robert Forrest's research reveals members of the Hillhouse family in Derry that predates Abraham Hillhouse. Highly Recommended !


The Hilhouse Family of Bristol NEW


1720 - 1942

Connecting Fragments - The Hillhouse's in New England NEW

The Haunting of Hillhouse NEW

Reverend James Hillhouse (1687-1740)
Historical and Genealogical Collections Relating to the
Descendants of Reverend James Hillhouse
Margaret P. Hillhouse. (1924) -
Reprint available on CD or in print

William Hillhouse (1728-1816) - (father of James Hillhouse), a Delegate from Connecticut; born in Montville, Conn., August 25, 1728; received a liberal schooling; studied law; was admitted to the bar and practiced; served in the State house of representatives 1756-1760 and 1763-1785; major in the Second Regiment of the Connecticut Cavalry in the Revolutionary War; elected to the Continental Congress in 1783 and 1785, but did not attend; judge of the court of common pleas 1784-1806; member of the State senate 1785-1808; judge of probate for New London district 1786-1807; died in Montville, Conn., January 12, 1816; interment in Raymond Hill Cemetery.

James Hillhouse (1754-1832) New Haven

Connecticut Coppers - The origin of the Connecticut mint can be traced back to October 18, 1785 when the partnership of Samuel Bishop, James Hillhouse, John Goodrich and Joseph Hopkins petitioned the state for the privilege of coining coppers.

Planting the Elms

Sachem's Wood (Highwood)

James A. Hillhouse (1789-1841)
Literary Works

Augustus L. Hillhouse (1792-1859)

Mary Lucas Hillhouse

Hillhouse Avenue

Scenes in My Native Land
By L. H. Sigourney


White Columns of Georgia - The Hillhouse's of Washington NEW

Sarah Porter Hillhouse - (1763 -1831)

Alexander and Hillhouse Family Papers, 1758-1976

Sarah Alexander Lawton - Georgia (1826 - 1897) NEW

Edward Porter Alexander - (1835 - 1910)


Hillhouse Kinship - By Billy Hillhouse
Published in 2010
(Content may not reflect recent DNA findings.
Sorry, we cannot accept additions or corrections)

The Hillhouse Family Book - by Helen T. Hillhouse & Laurens Petigru
Published by the authors 1959

South Carolina

William Hillhouse and John Dickey Plantations

William Hillhouse -
American Revolution Pension Statement


James Dobbins & Nancy (Gibson) Hillhouse 50th Wedding Anniversary
September 14, 1887

From the Diary of James Dobbins Hillhouse








I can only explain this mid-life obsession with Genealogy as an attempt to connect with family ties lost to me in my lifetime and the comfort I find in walking on the land where my ancestors once lived & worked. In the graveyards nearby their faded tombstones stand etched with eloquent epitaphs. While most family residences are long gone, it is easy for this farmer's daughter to connect with them through the meadows and streams and trees and bird songs that survive the centuries. It was in this spirit of adventure, I started this journey in 2005 with a few precious days among the proud people of the county of Londonderry, Northern Ireland and New Haven, Connecticut.

My journey began months before in a less than romantic place called the Internet with only the last name of my mother's family, Hillhouse, to guide me. It was a family of ancestors I knew virtually nothing about as my grandfather Hillhouse had moved many miles from his family in Missouri to Nebraska and died years before I was born. His railroad watch, now passed on to me, was my only tangible connection to the history of this family.

Almost at once, the search engines found Judy Young's extensive genealogy on the Hillhouse Family and I started where I was most drawn, toward the 17th Century ancestors of the Ulster Plantation in Northern Ireland. Another most important find was the reprint of the extensive Genealogy "THE HILLHOUSE FAMILY" (South Carolina branch) by Helen T. Hillhouse and Laurens Petigru. This wonderful collection of family history provided a vivid description and directions to the old family estate known as Free Hall near Limavady.

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