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Seattle Tour Operators, Mr. & Mrs Tooley.

Comments: ‘We have been selling holidays to England, Scotland and Ireland for the last 20 years. We have only ever used Wales as a stop-over but this is the most picturesque countryside we have seen in the British Isles.’


Friends from Kansas, Jane Luellen & Christie Triplett. (5 days)

Comments: ‘We loved our stay in Wales, what a beautiful country. When we got to London, we were very glad our stay there was short. It didn't compare to the time we spent in Wales. You made it all so great and accessible - what would we have done without you?’


Mother & Daughter from Kansas, Gretchen & Missy Andeel. (3 days)

Comments: ‘Recently I took a trip with my mother to the UK, and we spent three days with an incredible tour guide named Mike Davies (pronounced Davis). We fondly called him Dr. Mike. Dr. Mike has a PhD in history and possesses a huge amount of knowledge about Wales and about the entire United Kingdom. He was a vast resource of information to us while we were there, and he took us on a lovely, exciting tour full of sights as well as stories, and I feel that we owe much of the enjoyment of our trip to Mike's involvement with us.’


Tom & Jean West from Iowa, tracing their family tree (booked for 3 weeks).

Comments: ‘Mike, again, thanks for making our trip very successful in all ways. Please tell your parents how much we enjoyed their hospitality. Is it too early to make a reservation for next April? Seriously, we have had time to think our trip over and we would like to do another next year.’


Judy Oatis and Judy Nally, friends from New England (5 days)

Comments: ‘thank you for the wonderful trip you really do a great service. Those tour buses have trouble on the A roads, never mind having them do more scenic routes. No wonder most tours through Wales take 1 day!!! It is a spectacular country and needs to be seen correctly.


Vic & Cyn Hibbert, Namibia, Africa. (8 days)

Comments: ‘Hallo Mike, Greetings from Namibia. Just a short note to thank you most sincerely for the wonderful visit to Wales we spent with you. We really enjoyed very much seeing parts of your beautiful country and learning about some of its history, culture and traditions. Thank you too for your friendliness and all the trouble you took to ensure that we had such a successful trip, we appreciate it very much. One day, if we are able, we will return to Wales so that you can show and teach us more.

The personal attention and effort combined with the beauty and secrets of Wales make Dragon Tours a highly recommendable experience.’


Ruth and Roger Ralph & Katherine Kidder, Maine, New England. (5 days)

Comments: Ruth Ralph, ‘I just wanted to thank you once again for the really wonderful tour. It was everything I hoped for and more! Your knowledge of Welsh history, and your making it live by telling us about it and then showing us places where history happened was phenomenal! We loved every moment. We appreciate that the tour didn't end until you left us at the hotel in Birmingham! We wish you every good thing for your future, and hope we can meet again.’

Katherine Kidder, ‘Just wanted to send you a quick note to say hello and to thank you once again for a great time in Wales. It really was extra-special and I keep telling people it was truly a spiritual experience!’