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For centuries, Cymru (Wales) has remained one of the hidden treasures of Britian. Its landscapes inspire some of the world's greatest artists: from William Wordsworth's memoir at Tintern Abbey to Sir Anthony Hopkins' beloved Snowdonia Mountains. With castle remains of a rich history placed like jeweled antiquities throughout the countryside, mystical legends of Avalon and King Arthur, and village pubs filled with Celtic music; Wales offers the experience of a truly unique heritage.

Specializing in luxury guided tours of Wales and the United Kingdom for individuals, couples and small groups, the key to the Dragon Tour experience is flexibility, thoughtfully planned itineraries and services designed to meet your individual needs.

Dr. Mike Davies is a highly qualified, published historian whose focus is in Welsh history and culture. He is involved in historical research and has taught at the University of Wales. He will be your guide, driver and companion throughout your stay. Mike aims to find out as much as possible about your needs and interests prior to your visit in order to personalize your holiday experience. He is delighted to advise you on all aspects of your trip to Wales and the UK and aims to develop a friendly, convivial atmosphere during your stay.


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